About Us

Gallery fb | Gallery fonke b is "fonke-chic and fonke-tional art for the body and home."

Gallery fb offers stock and custom order jewelry and accessories, decor, and gifts for all occasions, handmade and handstrung by Bernadette P. Njoku, sole owner-operator-designer.

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History and Meaning

The Gallery fb | Gallery fonke b (pronounced funky b) website launched in summer 2011, although it originated over 20 years ago from a small business, ‘Fonke B Designs’. 

The meaning of the name suggests uniqueness, an array of emotions and aesthetics, while serving functionality and form. 

Design, in general, ranges from subtle and slightly noticeable to outrageous. Interpretation is left to the observer’s perception and imagination.  Inspiration is drawn from a variety of sources.  Hereto, customers may experience on a personal level.  

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