About Gallery fb™

Gallery fb ™ | Gallery fonke b ™ is "fonke-chic and fonke-tional art for the body and home."

Here, you will find jewelry and accessories, decor, and gifts for all occasions.  Products are designed and made by Bernadette P. Njoku, sole owner-operator, unless otherwise stated. Custom orders are available on request.  

History and Meaning

The name comes from a small business, ‘Fonke B Designs, that I began several years earlier. The website for Gallery fb™, or Gallery fonke b™  (pronounced funky b), officially launched during the summer of 2011. 

In its positive sense, the word, 'funky' refers to something rhythmic, syncopated.  For this business, 'fonke' describes something unique that elicits one’s emotions in some kind of way. while maintaining functionality. 

Design, in general, ranges from simple to complex, neutral to colorful, minimal to eclectic. Interpretation is left to the observer, his/her perceptions and imagination.  I draw my inspiration for this business from a variety of sources — nature, life, social environment — and invite you to experience Gallery fb on a personal level.  

Marketing and Communications

Marketing and Communications: at  Gallery fb™ | Gallery fonke b™ and Bena•Factor Marketing℠, info@benafactormarketing.com, 1 (888) 463-5559.